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May 17, 2021

GMine LLC today is announcing the initial 65mm capital raise to bring sustainable crypto-mining to West Texas.


Midland, Texas / May 17, 2021

GMine LLC Announces plans to build a Sustainable Bitcoin Mining Operation in West Texas.

GMine LLC today is announcing the initial 65mm capital raise to bring sustainable crypto-mining to West Texas. GMine LLC has secured an exclusive agreement with Bit5ive ( to supply 20 fully operational, turnkey, Pod5 mining containment solutions with 5,600+ state of the art Bitmain S19J Pro miners. First deployment is expected in October 2021. GMine LLC is completing agreements for long-term low-cost power from major renewable energy providers. GMine’s goal is to be one of the lowest cost sustainable energy operators in the crypto-mining industry. Upon launch, GMine estimates the initial West Texas project will be utilizing 20 MW, generating an estimated average hash rate of 616 PH/S. Each location will add  5 technically skilled employees to the West Texas economy.

GMine’s goal is repeating this design in multiple U.S. locations utilizing 400MW of sustainable power for a 12.32EH/s

For more information please contact: info@gmine.netor visit our website

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